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Multi Surface Cleaner-Blueberry, 485ml

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Keep your home berry clean and safe with this ready-to-roll Multi-Surface Cleaner. This formula dissolves stains, dirt, and grease! Use anywhere mild cleaning and disinfecting is needed.

Scent: Blueberries have been traditionally cooked in lard by First Nations people to store for winter use, or dried in the sun and used as pemican – a special paste. Iyinimin was also used in the treatment of headaches, sore throats, cold and flus, ‘lyinimin’ plants are also known to have powerful antioxidants.

Our Multi-Surface Cleaner Features

• Ammonia Free
• No Rinse
• Kills 99.99% of Bacteria
• Blueberry scent

Why Nikihk

• Indigenous Brand
• Eco-Friendly
• Reducing our carbon footprint
• Biodegradable
• No Animal Testing
• Made in SK

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How does the Blueberry Multi Surface Cleaner dissolve stains, dirt, and grease?

Our Blueberry Multi Surface Cleaner is formulated to effectively dissolve stains, dirt, and grease on various surfaces. The powerful yet gentle formula provides thorough cleaning without the need for harsh chemicals.

Can I use this multi-surface cleaner on kitchen countertops?

Absolutely! The Blueberry Multi Surface Cleaner is versatile and can be used on kitchen countertops and various surfaces throughout your home where mild cleaning and disinfecting are needed.

What sets the Blueberry scent apart, and how does it contribute to the cleaning experience?

The Blueberry scent adds a delightful and refreshing aroma to the cleaning process. Beyond its pleasant fragrance, it connects users to the traditional uses of blueberries by First Nations people and their known powerful antioxidants.

Is the Blueberry Multi Surface Cleaner ammonia-free?

Yes, our multi-surface cleaner is ammonia-free. We prioritize using ingredients that are gentle yet effective, ensuring a safe and pleasant cleaning experience.

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