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Air Freshener – Muskeg Tea, 235ml

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Air Freshener (Muskeg Tea)

Clean surfaces support fresh air! Our microbial-based Air Freshener is uniquely formulated with 4 different strains that eliminate odours at their source – while adding sweet and spicy notes of Muskeg Tea into your home.

Scent: Muskeg Tea species are great for making tea and have been widely consumed by Indigenous people over the ages. Muskeg Tea is high in vitamin C and was used to prevent scurvy. First Nations use the tea in sweat lodges and pour the liquid on the rocks to produce an aromatic scent.


Product Features.

• Bioactive formula
• Natural ingredients
• Odor Eliminator
• Unique Muskeg Tea scent

Why Nikihk
• Indigenous Brand
• Eco-Friendly
• Reducing our carbon footprint
• Biodegradable
• No Animal Testing
• Made in SK

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How does Muskeg Tea contribute to the unique scent of the Air Freshener?

Muskeg Tea, historically consumed by Indigenous people for tea-making, imparts sweet and spicy notes to our Air Freshener. This unique scent pays homage to cultural traditions and offers a distinctive, pleasing aroma.

Can the bioactive formula in the Air Freshener cause any harm to surfaces or the environment?

No, the bioactive formula is designed to be gentle on surfaces and environmentally friendly. It eliminates odors without causing harm, making it safe for regular use in your living spaces.

How long does the Muskeg Tea scent linger after using the Air Freshener?

The Muskeg Tea scent is formulated to provide a long-lasting and subtle aroma. The duration may vary based on usage and environmental factors, ensuring a pleasant atmosphere for an extended period.

Is Nikihk Air Freshener tested on animals?

No, Nikihk Air Freshener is cruelty-free. We strictly adhere to ethical practices, ensuring our products are never tested on animals.

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