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Dish Soap-Saskatoon Berry, 485ml

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This purple dish soap gives more grease-cleaning power in every drop so you can do more dishes – if you want to. Carefully selected safe and biodegradable ingredients are gentle on hands and tough on grease.
1. Put on some dishwashing music
2. Wash Dishes

Scent: The Saskatoon plant is a member of the rose family and a relative of the apple. The word Saskatoon comes from the Cree word “Mis-sask-quahtoomina” and is how the city of Saskatoon got it’s name. misaskwatomin has been used by First Nations for centuries, and has been a staple food. The young straight shoots of the Saskatoon were used to make arrow shafts and while
berries were dried for winter meals.

Product Features

• Plant Based
• Gentle on Hands
• Smooth Skin
• Holiday Highbush Cranberries scent

Why nikihk

• Indigenous Brand
• Eco-Friendly
• Reducing our carbon footprint
• Biodegradable
• No Animal Testing
• Made in SK

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What makes the Saskatoon Berry Dish Soap effective in grease-cleaning power?

The Saskatoon Berry Dish Soap is formulated with a concentrated purple formula that enhances its grease-cleaning power. This allows you to efficiently clean more dishes with less soap.

How do I use this dish soap for optimal results?

To enhance your dishwashing experience, put on some dishwashing music, apply the Saskatoon Berry Dish Soap to your dish sponge or directly onto dishes, and wash dishes thoroughly. The concentrated formula ensures effective cleaning with minimal soap usage.

Is this dish soap safe for hands and tough on grease?

Yes, the Saskatoon Berry Dish Soap is carefully crafted with safe and biodegradable ingredients. It is gentle on hands while being tough on grease, providing an effective and pleasant dishwashing experience.

What makes the Saskatoon Berry scent unique, and how does it enhance the dishwashing experience?

The Saskatoon Berry scent adds a unique and delightful aroma to the dishwashing process. Beyond its pleasant fragrance, it connects users to the cultural significance of Saskatoon, traditionally used by First Nations for centuries.

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