The word *nikihk* comes from the Plains Cree language. It translates to the meaning *My Home*.

Nikihk World of Color and Frangrance

Wild Mint, Mentha Arvensis

Wild Mint has been used traditionally for making teas, medicine, and as a fragrance. amisko-wihkaskwa contains an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent known as rosmarinic acid.

Berry, Amelanchier Alnifolia

Saskatoon Berry plant (dried for winter meals) is a member of the rose family and a relative of apples. Misaskwatomin has been used by First Nations for centuries, and has been a staple food.

Sweetgrass, Hierochloe Adorata

Sweetgrass is a sacred plant of the prairies. Wihkaskwa is traditionally used for spiritual cleansing and ceremonies as it is believed to bring good spirits and pure influences.

Blueberry, Vaccinum Myrtilloides

Blueberries are used in pemicana special paste by First Nations people. Jyinimin is used in the treatment of headaches, sore throats, colds & flues. It is also known to be a powerful antioxidant.

Wild Prickly Rose, Rosa Acicularis

Refreshments, medicinal eyewash and syrup were all made from the rose. The scent of a rose helps to relieve headaches. Mihkokwaniy is often depicted in beadwork and used in necklaces.

Prairie Sage, Artemisia ludoviciana

Sage has a traditional precedent of being found in the kitchen for flavouring meats, soups & stews. Paskwawihkwaskwa is used to cover sweat lodge floors and to ‘smudge’, a sacred ritual of purification 

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