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Dish Detergent – Wild Bergamot, 450g

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This dishwasher powder gets the best clean out of your machine. Our powerful enzyme-based formula leaves behind no residues! Free flowing powder can be used on creasy charred cookware and heavily stained coffee mugs.

Bonus Tip: Soak greasy BBQ grills and really dirty dishes in warm water mixed with a scoop of dish detergent for 5 minutes for easy cleaning.

Scent: Bergamot has lavender coloured flowers blooming in the mid-summer prairies. First Nations traditionally use bergamot in teas, medicine and perfume.

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How does the Wild Bergamot Dish Detergent ensure a thorough clean in the dishwasher?

Our Wild Bergamot Dish Detergent, in powder form, utilizes a powerful enzyme-based formula to provide an effective and thorough clean in the dishwasher. It is designed to tackle tough stains and leave behind no residues.

Can I use this dishwasher powder on heavily stained items like coffee mugs and greasy cookware?

Absolutely! The free-flowing powder of our Wild Bergamot Dish Detergent is versatile and can be used on creasy charred cookware and heavily stained items, ensuring a spotless clean.

How does the enzyme-based formula work to clean dishes effectively?

The enzyme-based formula breaks down and helps to remove tough stains and residues, providing a powerful cleaning action in the dishwasher. It leaves dishes, cookware, and utensils sparkling clean.

Does this dishwasher powder leave any residues on dishes?

No, our Wild Bergamot Dish Detergent is formulated to leave behind no residues, ensuring that your dishes are clean and free from any detergent traces.

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