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Hand Wash Soap – Sweet Grass, 485ml

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Washing your hands is now more important than ever. Our Hand Wash Soap is gentle on hands, infused with natural oils to save your skin. Apply to wet hands, lather for 20 seconds and rinse thoroughly.

Scent: A Sacred plant of the prairies. Sweetgrass used to grow abundantly but is now becoming uncommon, as much of its’ habitat has been changed or destroyed. wihkaskwa is traditionally used for spiritual cleansing and ceremonies as it is believed to bring good spirits and pure influences.

Our Hand Wash Soap Features

• Plant Based
• Gentle on Hands
• Smooth Skin
• Unique Sweetgrass scent

Why nikihk

• Indigenous Brand
• Eco-Friendly
• Reducing our carbon footprint
• Biodegradable
• No Animal Testing
• Made in SK

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What makes the Sweetgrass scent unique in this hand soap?

The Sweetgrass scent is derived from a sacred plant of the prairies. It’s traditionally used for spiritual cleansing and ceremonies, believed to bring good spirits and pure influences, making it a unique and meaningful addition to our hand soap.

Is this hand soap safe for sensitive skin?

Yes, our hand soap is gentle on hands and infused with natural oils, making it suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It aims to provide a nurturing and soothing experience.

How does the Sweetgrass scent contribute to the overall handwashing experience?

Beyond its aromatic qualities, the Sweetgrass scent connects users to its cultural and spiritual significance, adding a meaningful aspect to the handwashing routine.

Are there any harmful chemicals in this hand soap?

No, our hand soap is free from harmful chemicals. It is plant-based, prioritizing natural ingredients to ensure a safe and effective cleansing experience.

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