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Bathroom Cleaner – Wild Rose, 485ml

Original price was: $ 8.49.Current price is: $ 6.99.

Bring some of the freshness of the outdoors – in to where it’s needed most! This all-in-one bathroom cleaner easily removes hard water scales and soap scum while leaving behind a gentle prickle of Wild Rose.

1. Spray on surfaces.
2. Allow to work for 3 minutes.
3. Rinse and wipe clean!
4. Tell everyone the job was way harder and took longer than it actually did.

Scents: All parts of the Prickly Wild Rose have been used in First Nation cultures from the root up to young shoots, rose petals and hips. Refreshments, medicinal eyewash and syrup were all made from the rose. The scent of a rose is said to help relieve headaches. Mihkokwaniy is often depicted in bead work and has been used in necklaces. If you eat too many of these seeds, you will probably have digestive discomfort and discover why some First Nations call the hips “itchy bum berries”.

Product Features.
▪ Fight tough Scaling
▪ Clean Soap Scum
▪ Great for Sinks & Tubs
▪ Make Chrome shine!
▪ Wild rose scents

Why nikihk
▪ Indigenous Brand
▪ Eco-Friendly
▪ Reducing our carbon footprint
▪ Biodegradable
▪ No Animal Testing
▪ Made in SK

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How does the Wild Rose Bathroom Cleaner fight tough scaling and soap scum?

Our Wild Rose Bathroom Cleaner is formulated to effectively remove hard water scales and soap scum. The powerful yet gentle formula helps fight tough scaling while leaving a delightful Wild Rose scent.

Is this bathroom cleaner safe to use on all bathroom surfaces?

Yes, the Wild Rose Bathroom Cleaner is suitable for use on various bathroom surfaces, including sinks, tubs, and chrome fixtures. It is designed to clean effectively without damaging surfaces.

How long should I leave the cleaner on surfaces before rinsing?

For optimal results, spray the cleaner on surfaces, allow it to work for 3 minutes, and then rinse and wipe clean. This ensures that the cleaner effectively tackles scaling and soap scum.

How does nikihk contribute to reducing its carbon footprint with this bathroom cleaner?

Nikihk is committed to sustainability. Our Wild Rose Bathroom Cleaner is crafted with eco-friendly practices, utilizing biodegradable ingredients and packaging. We aim to minimize our environmental impact and reduce our overall carbon footprint.

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