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This is the perfect first-time-buyer set! A convenient set of our cleaning products to keep your home and hands clean. All cleaning products are locally manufactured on Treaty 6 Territory, outside of Martensville, SK. Our natural, Biodegradable, and cruelty-free formulas never use animal testing. These products are infused with scents of herbs and plants that hold significance in Plains Cree culture.



This Package Includes: Quantity:
Dish Soap (Saskatoon Berry) 485ml NIK1016QKIT 1
Laundry Powder (Wild Mint) 900g NIK1124KIT 1
Bathroom Cleaner (Wild Rose) 485ml NIK301QKIT 1
Multi Surface Cleaner (Blueberry) 485ml NIK329QKIT 1
Kitchen Degreaser (Prairie Sage) 485ml NIK501QKIT 1
Hand Soap (Sweetgrass) 485ml NIK910QKIT 1
Hand Sanitizer 235ml NIK920E 1


Pick-up this KIT today to try each of our Nikihk Products including:

►1x Dish Liquid (Saskatoon Berry) 485ml – Gentle on hands and tough on grease, so you can use less, and do more dishes- if you want to.

►1x Laundry Powder (Wild Mint) 900g – get up to 90 loads with this concentrated formula to keep your clothes in mint condition.

►1x Bathroom Cleaner (Wild Rose) 485ml – Leave behind a gentle prickle of roses where it is needed most!

►1x Kitchen Degreaser (Prairie Sage) 485ml – Take this sage advice and try this is a powerful and natural formula to work.

►1x Multi Surface Cleaner (Blueberry) 485ml – keep your home berry clean dissolving dirt, stains and grease.

►1x Hand Soap (Sweetgrass) 485ml –This hand soap is gentle on hands and infused with natural oils to save your skin.

►1x Hand Sanitizer (Unscented) 235ml: Our plant-based formula is made from superior pharmaceutical grade ethanol.

►Approved by Health Canada NPN# 80100279. This Hand Sanitizer is a convenient size and dries fast without any greasy film.


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