When we created the nîkihk product line, we wanted to consider its impact on the environment as well as the people who use it. With the ingredients chosen, we decided to make our products as concentrated as possible while avoiding our products becoming harmful or irritating to people and the environment wherever possible.

By choosing nîkihk products, people from Saskatchewan and nearby can assure they are cutting down on the use of transportation (CO2 production) while supporting our regional economy. Because we work with regional distributors, we have the privilege of easily gathering and re-using the boxes packed for sending to our distributors, to help minimize our impact on the environment.

nîkihk No-No List
Creating products from selected ingredients, we have chosen to avoid certain chemicals altogether; these include the following:

– in several liquid surfactants

– general preservative

– used as a fast evaporating agent in glass and surface cleaners

– used as a solvent for streak-free shine in glass cleaners

– common water softener used in all types of cleaning formulations

Optical Brightners
– usually used in laundry to brighten clothes

Chlorine Bleach
– typically used as a disinfectant and stain remover in laundry products

Inorganic acids
– hydrochloric, sulfuric acids are often used in bathroom and drain products.

Recyclable bottles
We use packaging that is either #1 (PET) or #2 (HDPE) type plastics. PET is the most widely recycled plastic in the world. HDPE is accepted worldwide as recyclable as it is one of the easiest plastic polymers to recycle.


With plans to pursue ECOLOGO certification, our products are currently marked with “BIODEGRADABLE OECD 301D” to show that we are making an effort to ensure our products will not directly harm the lands where we live.


Indigenous Scents & Colours

The fragrances and colours used in nîkihk products are inspired by Plains Cree culture. BATC Elders Council member decisions were crucial in finalizing the ones chosen.

First Nations Owned & Operated

The Acting President of nîkihk is Neil Sasakamoose, the Executive Director of BATC and he is from Ahtahkakoop Cree Nation. nîkihk LP is 100% owned by BATC Investments LP. BATC First Nations include:

  • Ahtahkakoop Cree Nation
  • Moosomin First Nation
  • Moquito / Grizzly Bear’s Head / Lean
  • an First Nation
  • Red Pheasant Cree Nation
  • Saulteaux First Nation
  • Stoney Knoll Band
  • Sweetgrass First Nation

Made in Treaty 6 Territory

All nîkihk products are manufactured just outside of Saskatoon, well within the bounds of TREATY 6 territory.

No Animal Testing

None of the nîkihk products are tested on animals. Our respect for all creatures endures without question.